Design Tips

  • Graphic Design: Keep it Simple What's the secret to creating effective graphic designs for trade show displays? Keep your design as simple. Numerous studies have shown that exhibitors have 2 to 3 seconds to get a visitor's attention. In that short amount of time, your primary goal is to engage people. ... Read more
  • How to Outline Text in Illustrator Vectored text can be scaled infinitely without any loss of image quality. That means your text will appear smooth and crisp at any size or resolution and will print clearly on your graphic. Also, it's possible to open and print your artwork correctly without needing the actual font file used. ... Learn how to outline text in Adobe Illustrator
  • Using Stock Images Stock photography is the next-best thing when a professional photographer won't fit into your budget. Images that are 100 DPI (dots per inch) at full size is sufficient for most displays. ... Learn more about stock photography